Sewing Ladies

This active group of women meets ever Wednesday morning at 9 AM at the Church Building to work on projects for the lonely, sick and less fortunate. Some work on sewing machines; some piece and stitch quilts; others stuff pillows and then bind the edges. Every one works together while sharing conversation, edifying each other, and checking on the sick or shut in of the congregation.

The pillows are used by the local and VA hospitals to comfort the patients. Small dolls are made so they can be used by the local police to give to children when they have to intercede in domestic problems. The quilts are given away each month to a resident of a home for the elderly. Also the ladies make dresses and britches to help clothe African children.
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The ladies usually close up shop around noon and they go home knowing that they are serving the Lord and seeing to the needs of others. Come and be part of this group.

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