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03/26/2023 AM Saved by Grace ~ Part 2
PM Worship in Song & Potluck
03/19/2023 AM Saved by Grace
PM They Are Precious in His Sight
03/12/2023 AM When All is Said and Done
PM Gospel of Peace
03/05/2023 AM Is the Bible Inspired (Part 1)
PM No Audio - Due to Technical Difficulties
02/26/2023 AM The Model Church in a Sin Sick World
PM Worship in Song & Potluck
2/19/2023 AM Christianity Without Denominationalism
PM No Audio - Due to Technical Difficulties
02/12/2023 AM Sowing Love
PM The Great Commandment
02/05/2023 AM The Sin Sick World (The Unchurched America)
PM A New Creature
01/29/2023 AM Why Do For The Kindom's Sake
PM Appreciating Diversity Within God's Kingdom
01/22/2023 AM Why Do Churches of Christ not use Instrumental Music?
PM Worship in Song & Potluck
1/15/2023 AM Suicide, A Christians Perspective
PM Our Spiritual Citizenship
1/8/2023 AM Understanding Baptism
PM Healing the Broken
1/1/2023 AM A New Year A New You
PM No Audio - Due to Technical Difficulties
12/25/2022 AM Born to Die (So We Might Live)
12/18/2022 AM Why Jesus Came
PM Saved in a Philippian Jail
12/11/2022 AM ...I Believe
12/04/2022 AM The Love of God. Can God Love Someone Like Me
PM Should A Christian Celebrate Christmas
11/27/2022 AM Living Your Best Life
PM Dealing With Depression
11/20/2022 AM An Attitude of Gratitude
11/13/2022 AM Civil & Christian Disobedience
A Christian's Responibility to Injustice (Part 2)
PM Reasons - A reason to Hope
11/06/2022 AM Autopsy of the Dead Church Members
PM Civil & Christian Disobedience-Part 1
10/30/2022 AM God's Amazing Grace
PM The Danger and Doctrine of Islam
10/23/2022 AM White As Snow (Can I Know I'm Going to Heaven)
PM Worship in Song & Potluck
10/16/2022 AM Jesus Loves Me This I Know
PM Revive Us Again
10/09/2022 AM There is Room in The Kingdom
PM Running for the Prize
10/02/2022 AM A Prescription for Growth
PM I love Jesus, Not the Church

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