"Go Kick Tommy's Cat"

Harry Grant got up in a bad mood on Monday. Upon arriving at work he called in his sales manager and chewed him out because his reports were tardy. The sales manager, then, called in his secretary and chewed her out for several letters she had failed to file. The secretary saw the receptionist then, and yelled at her for not relaying some messages the previous day. The receptionist opened her door at home that evening and saw her son's new jeans had a hole in the knee and she sent him to bed without any supper. On the way upstairs, Tommy saw the family cat and kicked it all away across the room.

Wouldn't it have been better on everyone if Mr. Grant had simply gone over to Tommy's house and kicked his cat and left all those other folks in a good mood?

How many times I have thought of that little story when I have been responsible for ruining the mood around our house by being in a bad mood and passing it along to the others. How many times I have seen this take place in the church, where one person's ill manners could start a chain of events that led to a great problem, even division.

Then on the other hand, I have seen someone enter a rather sticky situation, and their manners and grace changed that atmosphere into a lovely place to be. And then you begin to think, isn't this the kind of person I had rather be? Anyone can ruin a good atmosphere and anyone can improve a bad one. That is…if we will put our Christian principles into practice.

Let me challenge you! Make your Bible class the best place in the world to be Sunday mornings, Wednesday night, or whenever it meets. Make your assemblies the nicest place to spend time, and people will spend time there. Make your group meetings the high point in the day for everyone present, and they will want to be there again. Make your home a place the family likes to be above everywhere else. Make the place you work a little better because you were there.

In other words, work to make the atmosphere wherever you are pleasant for all who are involved, and you will make it more pleasant for yourself. And…take it easy on Tommy's cat! (Story of Tommy's Cat, Author unknown)

In Christian Love,        


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