Clara's Closet

In June 2007 Clara's Closet was started by Kim Chastain and Mark North in honor of Kim's daughter Clara Chastain who passed away June 5, 2005. The congregation has been so generous with their donations of slightly used clothing and shoes. Some have volunteered to purchase items that are requested but not in our inventory of clothing. Some routinely bargain shop with their own money and donate school attire clothing to the "Closet." Some clothes are picked up at church but most of them are delivered by members of the congregation. In 2007, 108 people were clothed and as of May 31, 2008, 74 people have been clothed for a total of 182 people. Clara's Closet delivers a clothes rack to Cumberland View Towers when the congregation has its monthly devotional there (the work of Glenn and Barbara Burton).

When people need clothes, we often find that they have other needs as well. For example: in May 2008, the "Closet" received a request for clothes for an elderly gentleman who had just moved into Cumberland View Towers. When the clothes were delivered to him, it was clear that he had virtually moved into this apartment with the clothes on his back. The church members came together and provided this gentleman with a bed, mattresses, bed clothes, kitchen items and other things he needed.

The inventory for Clara's Closet has continued to grow from the generous donation of church members. The area needed for the Closet has grown and with the help of the Bible School department, the Closet will be expanding soon.

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