"The Treasury of the Snow"

Well, we have surely had winter for the past two weeks. As many people as there may be that love the snow, I think it safe to say that everyone is looking forward to spring. As troublesome as snow (and the accompanying ice) may be, it is a beautiful sight when one awakens to a blanket of snow over the entire area.

God asked Job, in chapter 38 and verse 22, "Have you entered the treasury of snow; or have you seen the treasury of hail?" Snow is here represented as something which is laid up like treasure, and kept in reserve for use when God will require it. We lay up silver and gold (capital) in order to have it for use when it is most needed. God seems here to be painting the same picture with the snow and hail. God's objective was not to teach science, but to produce a solemn impression of his greatness, and that is accomplished by this question, whether the laws of nature are understood or not. The simple appeal to Job here is, whether he could explain the phenomena of snow and hail? God challenged Job thusly, because Job had spent the last chapters, presumptuously, expounding upon how things worked in the physical universe.

Through scientific experimentation it has been discovered that there are "treasures" in the snow and that snow has many agricultural benefits that may not be found in common rainfall. It can insulate, hydrate and deliver nutrients to the earth in a way that rainfall cannot.

When we think of the "treasures" of the snowfall in this way, it should reinforce to us that God did, in fact, create the heavens and the earth, and that He is continuing to care for it in such an amazing manner. We do not always care for our natural resources the way we should, but we can be assured that their creator does. Of the details that were attended to in the creation, the snow was but one small detail.

Let us always praise God for His wisdom and give Him the glory for His greatness and providence.

In Christian Love,        


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