Sure, it is hot and sweaty in the summer, and it drains you of energy if you are out in the sun very long. And there are flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers with which to contend...but I still like the summer!

I think I like summertime primarily because of the memories it brings back. No school...running barefoot...swimming in the creek…staying up late…firecrackers…camping out…trips… These are the things that come to my mind when summer comes around.

How good it is to escape from the oppression of the heat and humidity by going back to "the good ole days" in my memory! I can travel again the dusty paths that I walked in my bare feet, and plunge myself again in the old swimming hole in the Duck River. That was really living!

If we try, we can apply this to any "season" of our lives. When the bad seasons come, we can look back upon the time when things were better, and in retrospect we can make them even better (in our memories) if we desire. There are enough good things in our past to help us ride out the bad that comes.

And, when the summer becomes monotonous, and when the heat becomes unbearable, I can look forward to the cool breeze of autumn, and the snows of winter. This is one of the wonderful things about the different seasons the Lord has given to his creation… About the time you tire of one season, along comes another; totally different.

How good it is to look forward to better times. When with failing health, departed friends and loved ones, fading dreams and physical fatigue we find "not so good" days, we can find relief and pleasure in the hope of a season of joy and comfort in a little while. For the Christian, one can always know that better times are ahead. Jesus is preparing a place in which He has promised that we can live eternally, if we will love Him and follow Him. So, if you do not like the way things are, just hang around, it will be better.

In Christian Love,        


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