"Hairsprings or Horseshoes"

I read this story recently and wanted to take this opportunity to share it with you. It seems to have been written a long time ago, therefore the prices do not seem to line up with today’s prices. The meaning, however, it just as pertinent.

The story goes… Recently I went to the hardware store and bought a horseshoe for $2. 25. Next I went to a department store and bought a safety pin for 10 cents. Then I went to a watchmaker and bought a hairspring for a watch and paid $18.45 for it. I weighed each and found that it would take $300 worth of pens to make a $2. 25 horseshoe, but that it would take about $40 million worth of hairsprings to make horseshoe! Why the difference? With the same iron ore taken from the earth each is made, but the difference in their value is in the refining!

This is also true of people. Each of us have about $60 worth of chemicals that make up our bodies, yet some will become billionaires while others will die paupers. Some will be great assets to society while others will be perpetual liabilities. The difference will be in the refining. Some will take advantage of the opportunities for physical prowess; others will destroy their bodies with abuse and disease. Some will educate their minds for service; others will destroy their minds with drugs and filth. Some will find God and the real purpose for existing; others will find out too late what life is all about.

Let me encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities God has given you to be refined into something that is of great value. Refine your mind. Exercise it with good, profitable thinking. Do not load it with trash. Read the great works that people have left us from every age. Associate yourself with people who have good thoughts. Exercise…eat a wholesome diet and stay free of disease.

Refine your spirit. A refined mind and body is of no value without a refined spirit. The spirit can only be refined by clean living, service to others and a daily diet of God’s holy Word. For all the things discussed above, God has left us with a book, the Bible, that contains “all things that pertain to life and Godliness” (2 Peter 1:3).

So what are you going to do with your life…become a “hairspring or a horseshoe.”
.(2nd and 3rd paragraph courtesy of “Got a Minute?” – Bill E. Smith)

In Christian Love,        


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