"Remembering and Forgetting"

Paul wrote to the Philippian church in 3:13 that in order to move forward he must forget the things which were already past. In other words, in order to "Be The Best That I Can Be, For God," I need to forget some things.

We preachers often expound upon the virtues of "forgetting the past," and certainly there are some things in our lives that need just that…forgetting. At this time of the year, however, it seems like a good time to remember some things that have happened. Most of the year 2015 is now a memory and we are in that "limbo" period between Christmas and New Year's Day, during which it always seems that nothing can be accomplished, no matter how hard we try.

This is a good time to think back, take stock, and reflect on things that happened in 2015. Maybe there were some very good things that happened of which you never want to let go. You might even want to attempt them again. There could be some things, however, that happened in 2015 that you never want to repeat. It's good to think of those things and make a mental note of where they need to be filed away.

The best we can do to "Be The Best We Can Be, For God," in 2016, is to evaluate ourselves in our relationship with Him. What progress did I make, as a Christian, in 2015? Did I meet my goals and achieve the things, in my Christian walk, that I wanted to achieve? What things have I left undone? Am I closer to God than I was one year ago?

We need to forget those things of a worldly nature that are a distraction to our quest for the prize of heaven someday. That is what we're working toward and we shouldn't let anything slow us down or get in our way. Let's all resolve to "Be The Best We Can Be, For God" in 2016.



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