"May I Introduce You?"

Last Friday evening, as Wanda and I often like to do, I finished designing two medium pizzas on the Pizza Hut website (very good experience). When I went to the Pizza Hut Express to pick them up there was a gentleman in the store who, enthusiastically, put out his hand and said, "Well, Hey Mike, I haven't seen you in years," to which I retorted, "Wow, it has been a long time, hasn't it." I suppose he realized that I had no idea what his name was, although I recognized him as someone that I should know, because he, then, told me his name. When I got home I looked him up and found that he was a banker that I had worked with twenty-five years before. Those are stressful moments.

In Luke 12:8 Jesus said, "Also I say to you, whoever confesses Me before men, him the Son of Man also will confess before the angels of God."

There is a tension in introductions. And even more tension when someone asks, "Remember me?" You can't run, so you have to confess, "I don't remember your name. So sorry." But these verses tell of Jesus Christ introducing us to angels he knows our names! He wants them to meet us in eternity. He is proud to do that introducing - no nametags required.

He is introducing us to angels because he knows that we have introduced him, perhaps with a stutter, maybe not knowing quite how to say it. But we have gotten it out somehow; "I want you to meet Jesus, my Lord." Now, this might not be exactly what Jesus means when he says, "Whoever confesses me before men..." But, by extension, this is inarguably a responsibility of every Christian man or woman.

Did you introduce Jesus to anyone this week? We must confess before men that we believe that He "is the Christ, the Son of the living God," as Peter did in Matthew 16:16. Additionally, in order to have a home with Him, we must introduce Him to others along the way. There are many who want to meet Him, but they just do not know it, yet.

We have never met an angel but until we do let's keep on awkwardly sticking our hands out, meeting people who might want to meet Him. He knows your name and will remember it when He introduces you. Remember His name when you introduce Him to others.



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