"Add An Egg"

I read that years ago, when the Betty Crocker Company first began selling their cake mixes, they offered a product which only needed water. If you simply poured your mix into a bowl and added the right amount of water, you could enjoy a perfect cake. They were sure that busy moms around the country would love this easy way to make a cake.

But it bombed. Few bought the product, and the company didn't know why. A study provided a very surprising answer. People were not buying the cake mix because it was just too easy. All their lives they had been pulling out all the ingredients, mixing, stirring, and baking. The new approach, however, did not allow them to contribute to the process.

So Betty Crocker made a simple change to the formula. The newer mix would require an egg to be added in addition to the water -- and it was an immediate success.

You may have noticed that many mixes today no longer require you to add an egg. We have gotten used to short cuts and doing things the easy way. The easier the better has become our way of living.

Many religious people have been making the same kind of mistake when they are presenting the gospel. Sometimes, Christianity is "packaged" with instructions that make the path to eternal life as easy as possible. The fear is that people may not "buy" the way of Christ if it seems too hard.

What was necessary for a tasty cake? Just add water. What must I do to be saved? Just believe. This is what many are told. But where in the New Testament are sinners told to "just believe"? Believing in Christ (trusting in Him to save) is the basis of salvation but not the only thing that is required to enter the way of Christ. We learn from Acts 2:38 that repentance and baptism, for the washing away of sins, must be added.

And then...once a Christian, we find that living day to day, as a Christian, is not easy. We must live for Jesus all of our lives right to the end. Salvation is free...but it's not cheap.



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